Explain Like I’m Five: The Volatility of the Stock Market

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24 thoughts on “Explain Like I’m Five: The Volatility of the Stock Market

  1. php proxy

    I have some savings I want to invest, I don’t know anything at all about
    the stock market, zero. I have tried reading a little, but understand much
    less. I don’t want to buy any prepackaged portfolio, but rather get some
    ‘safer’ ETFs. I don’t understand any of the jargon, could someone explain
    to me as if I’m 5, what I should do step by step? Thanks.?

  2. scripts

    This is an interesting concept for a video, but you guys don’t do a very
    good job of explaining this stuff at all. I’m of the opinion that if you
    can’t explain something well enough that a child can understand it, then
    you don’t understand it very well yourself. And if you think it’s just not
    possible to teach kids concepts like this, I taught my daughter about
    things like relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics and chemistry
    before she even went into kindergarten, and she understood them just fine.
    And in case you think it’s just unique to my daughter, I was able to teach
    my nieces of the same age those same concepts I taught my daughter.?

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    Explain Like I’m Five: The Volatility of the Stock Market?

  4. New Site

    I like this idea but unfortunately this vid isn’t correct. Only the IPO
    money goes to the company. If people panicked and sold off their shares it
    would have zero effect on the company’s financial health as those shares
    are being traded in a secondary market, shares are not sold back to the

  5. New gadgets

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  6. New Site

    I get your point, but I also see a lot of adults not understand kid humor
    or behavior, and simply diagnose it as ADD when they become parents. That’s
    just how some kids are, and it’s all part of the fun of being a child, even
    if it does make your life a little bit tougher. I’m not sure what you mean
    by documentation though. Autocorrect mistake? If you mean something like
    sensory information, then I totally agree with you.

  7. New Site

    Okay. I realize this might be a little hard to follow for a victim of the
    forced confinement “schooling”/conditioning system to follow, but the point
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    They know their alums will go on to success [cont.]

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